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Volume 11 - 2015

Volume 10 - 2014

Volume 9 - 2013

Volume 8 - 2012

Volume 7 - 2011

Volume 6 - 2010

Volume 5 - 2009

Volume 4 - 2008

Volume 3 - 2007

Volume 2 - 2006


As the number of papers being received by the journal has increased considerably, from 2010, it is decided to list only those papers on the web site that have been accepted for publication in the Journal


IJPE 579.14 Qiuyang Li, Gordon J. Savage and Young Kap Son, South Korea and Canada Economic, Robust and Quality Design of Engineering Systems using a Hybrid Six Sigma-Second Moment Approach
IJPE 580.14 A. N. A. Aziz, A . Fumoto and K. Suzuki, Japan Evaluating Hydrocarbon Sample Collection Standard Operation Procedure using SPAR-H
IJPE 581.14 Hongkun Li, Hui Li, Shujie Liu and Ming Cong, China Reliability Estimation Based on Moving Average and State Space Model for Rolling Element Bearing
IJPE 582.14 Chen Lin and Viliam Makis, Canada A Comparison of Hidden Markov and Semi-Markov Modeling for a Deterioration System subject to Vibration Monitoring
IJPE 583.14 Basima Elshqeirat, SietengSoh, Suresh Rai and Mihai Lazarescu, Australia and U.S.A. Bi-objective Topology Design of Communication Networks Using Dynemic Programming
IJPE 585.14 Dovile Rama and John D. Andrews, U.K.
A Holistic Approach to Railway Infrastructure Asset Management
IJPE 586.14 Olga Fink , Enrico Zio and Ulrich Weidmann, Swtzerland, and Italy Development and Application of Deep Belief Networks for Predicting Railway Operation Disruptions
IJPE 587.14 Chao Yang, Rasa Remenyte-Prescott and John Andrews, U.K. Pavement Maintenance Scheduling using Genetic Algorithms
IJPE 588.14
Jürgen Hackl, Bryan T. Adey, Magnus Heizler and Ionut Iosifescu-Enescu, Switzerland
An Overarching Risk Assessment Process to Evaluate the Risks Associated with Infrastructure Networks due to Natural Hazards
IJPE 589.14
John A. Stoop and Eric A. van Kleef, The Netherlands
Reliable or Resilient: Recovery from the Unanticipated
IJPE 590.14
Leo A. M. van Dongen, The Netherlands
Asset Management: A Maintenance Engineer's View
IJPE 591.14
Xiao Xiao, Yi Chen, Natsumi Takahashi, and Hisashi Yamamoto, Japan
Magnitude Relation of the All-terminal Reliability Network Systems
IJPE 592.14 Fumio Ohi, Japan Converting a Multi-state System into a Family of Binary State Systems
IJPE 593.14 Toshio Nakagawa, Japan and Xufeng Zhao, Qatar A Survey of Replacement Policies for Parallel Systems with Newly Proposed Approaches
IJPE 594.14 Kazuya Shibata, Koichiro Rinsaka and Tadashi Dohi, Japan M-SRAT : Matrics-based Software Reliability Assessment Tool
IJPE 603.14 Xufeng Zhao, Qatar, Syouji Nakamura and Toshio Nakagawa, Japan Optimal Data  Transfer Strategies for the Hierarchical Storage Management within a Server System
IJPE 604.14
Young Jin Han, Won Young Yun, and Ji Young Lee, China
A Simulation-based Multi-level Redundancy Allocation for a Multi-level System
IJPE 605.14 Harish Sukhwani, Andrea Bobbio and Kishor S. Trivedi, U.S.A. Largeness Avoidance in Availability Modeling using Hierarchical and Fixed-point Iterative Techniques
IJPE 606.15 Martina Sahliger, Germany Risk Governance and Risk Communication in Air Traffic Management (ATM)
IJPE 607.15 Hossein Mahmoudi and Andrea Knierim, Iran and Germany Risk Communication for Farmers' Adaptation to Climate Change: A New Task for Agricultural Advisory Services
IJPE 608.15 Marc-Denis Weitze, Diana Gallego Carrera and Michael Ruddat, Germany Partitioning and Transmutation of Nuclear Waste: Evaluation of Societal Implications
IJPE 613.15 Jörg Matschullat and 16 others An Interhemispheric Perspective on Environment and Energy
IJPE 614.15
Daniela Fuchs and André Gazsó, Austria

Nano-Risk Governance: The Austrian Case

IJPE 615.15

Bert Droste-Franke, Germany
The Systems-Web Approach for Better-Informed Risk Governance
IJPE 616.15
Cathleen Wolff, Germany
Risk Perception and Risk Communication in Medical Robotics

IJPE 621.15
Thomas Webler, Seth P. Tuler, Rob L. Goble, and Pia-Johanna Schweizer, U.S.A. and Germany
Characterizing Landscapes of Regional Risk Governance


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